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Hydro Edge

Hydro Edge from Kyocera

Water-resistant and feature rich at a great price!

Release date: 9-Aug-2018   More...

Nexus 6

Nexus 6 from Motorola

A bigger phone with more everything!

Release date: 1-Nov-2014   More...

G Flex

G Flex from LG

The World’s First Curved, Flexible Smart Phone

Release date: 31-Jan-2014   More...

Galaxy Note 3

Galaxy Note 3 from Samsung

Now with a larger, more vibrant HD display and stylus.

Release date: 4-Oct-2013   More...

Galaxy S 4

Galaxy S 4 from Samsung

The Galaxy S 4 has it all, with every feature you'll want!

Release date: 1-May-2013   More...


One from HTC

The HTC One will reshape your smartphone experience!

Release date: 24-Apr-2013   More...


Torque from Kyocera

Rugged and Waterproof and includes Push to talk feature for noisy environments.

Release date: 8-Mar-2013   More...


Force from ZTE

The Force, a sleek smartphone built to make a big impact.

Release date: 7-Mar-2013   More...

Optimus G

Optimus G from LG

Live without boundaries with blinding speed!

Release date: 2-Nov-2012   More...

Galaxy Note II

Galaxy Note II from Samsung

Samsung Galaxy Note® II has everything you need to get things done.

Release date: 30-Oct-2012   More...

Galaxy Victory

Galaxy Victory from Samsung

Innovative phone at an affordable price.

Release date: 16-Sep-2012   More...


PHOTON Q 4G LTE from Motorola

Certified Business Ready, this is the world phone that gets things done!

Release date: 31-Aug-2012   More...

Optimus Elite

Optimus Elite from LG

Has the power with integrated simplicity!

Release date: 18-May-2012   More...

LG Viper 4G LTE

LG Viper 4G LTE from LG

Built for speed inside and out

Release date: 22-Apr-2012   More...


Optik from ZTE

The ZTE Optik is the affordable 3G 7" tablet.

Release date: 5-Feb-2012   More...

Galaxy Nexus

Galaxy Nexus from Samsung

A great smartphone with Android 4.0, a dual-core processor and a huge 4.65" bright screen.

Release date: 15-Dec-2011   More...

Optimus S

Optimus S from LG

Optimize your experience with the LG Optimus S™.

Release date: 7-Nov-2011   More...


Marquee from LG

LG Marquee gives you a members-only pass into the club of tech-sophistication and undeniable style.

Release date: 2-Oct-2011   More...


Milano from Kyocera

The Milano gives you everything you need to stay in touch and in the know while on the go.

Release date: 9-Sep-2011   More...

Photon 4G

Photon 4G from Motorola

Get blazing-fast performance with the Photon 4G's fast dual core processor and 4G connection.

Release date: 31-Jul-2011   More...


XPRT from Motorola

Android platform versatility with enterprise-grade security and physical keyboard!

Release date: 5-Jun-2011   More...


i1 from Motorola

Changing the game, Motorola i1 brings advanced functionality into a compact touch screen design offering Push-to-Talk technology.

Release date: 20-Jun-2010   More...