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WiMM One from WiMM Labs

With the WIMM One as your personal assistant, it's always on and ready to serve. It can be worn as a watch or pendant, yet does so much more than a simple time-piece. It provides a 1.4" bi-modal multi-touch color screen that can communicate with your smartphone and other devices via Bluetooth and WiFi. In standby, it still provides your choice of clocks and other content with a ultra-low power reflective display mode.

 WiFiInfoWiFiA localized wireless internet connection standard that operates in the 2.4 GHz band. Most WiFi implementations support the b and g standards (at 11 Mbps and 55 Mbps maximum data rates respectively). The newer n standard offers up to 110 Mbps in some situations, with compatible equipment.802.11 b/g  
 BluetoothInfoBluetoothThis is an open-standard used to transfer audio and data over very short distances on the 2.4 GHz band. Version 2.0 and 2.1 include EDR (Enhanced Data Rate) for faster data rates over the version 1 standard. Depending on the implementation and power level it may be designed to operate over distances of 3 feet to 300 feet. Version 2.x uses a data rate of 3 Mbps, and version 3.0 uses 24 Mbps.2.1 + EDR  
Power and Battery
 Battery capacityInfoBattery capacityWhile mildly interesting, without knowing the current draw (which changes greatly depending on what functions are active) it does not provide any indication of how long the device will run.267 mAH 
 Run timeInfoRun timeThis is a very rough estimate by the manufacturer of how long the device functions starting with a full charge. Your milage will vary!1.0 hours 
 Standby time (max)InfoStandby time (max)This indicates how long the device should function in standby mode without using any functions.24 hours 
 Charging CableCustom charging device with magnetic holder  
Operating System
 Android version2.1  
 User interfaceWIMM  
 WeightInfoWeightThis is the weight of the device with a standard battery. It does not include a case cover or other optional attachments.0.8 ounces 
 Width1.3 inches 
 Height1.4 inches 
 Depth0.5 inches 
 WiMM Labs 
 WiMM One Product Page 
 Release Date22-Aug-2011  
 Price (list)*$ 299.99  
 * Prices may have discounts or rebates and may vary
  from these numbers.
  Developer Availability Aug-2011
 ScreenInfoScreenThis is the screen size measured diagonally.1.4 inches 
 Screen resolutionInfoScreen resolutionThis is the number of pixel dots that appear on the screen - horizontal x vertical.160 x 160 pixels 
 Screen technologyInfoScreen technologyThe type of display, typically LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) or eInk. There are a number of LCD variations, such as TFT (Thin-Film Transistor) or OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode).Bi-modal TFT LCD  
 Touch screenyes  
 Touch screen typeInfoTouch screen typeTypically either Resistive or Capacitive technologies are used. Capacitive is more sensitive than Resistive. Devices so noted also include Multi-touch, where gestures using two fingers are detected.Multi-Touch Capacitive  
 Internal StorageInfoInternal StorageThis is the flash memory internal to the device. On a few devices, the internal memory can be expanded. Note that the operating system and pre-loaded applications will consume a poriton of this memory.2 GB 
 Processor speedInfoProcessor speedThe speed of the processor provides a very rough idea of performance between devices using the same processor type and same number of cores.667 MHz 
 Processor coresInfoProcessor coresMultiple cores can significantly increase the devices performance when matched to an OS that support multiple cores. Android versions 2.4 & 3.0 and later support multi-cores, while older OS versions will only use a single core.1  
 FM RadioInfoFM RadioWhen equiped, the FM radio allows you to listen to FM radio stations. Normally FM radio only works while headphones are attached, as the headphone wires are also used as the FM antenna.no  
 CompassInfoCompassAn electronic compass compares the position of the device relative to earth's magnetic north.yes  
 AccelerometerInfoAccelerometerAn accelerometer detects device movement and how fast the movement changes.yes  
More Features
  • Always on design
  • Audible and Tactile Alerts
  • Up to 32 GB RAM options
  • Water Resistant
  • Dual processors
  • Custom App store