A+ Awesome Flowers Wallpaper


A+ Awesome Flowers Wallpaper

Get your daily awesome flowers with the our Wallpaper app in the Nook Marketplace!


Version 1.5
A+ Awesome Flowers Wallpaper

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A+ Awesome Flowers Wallpaper
from FAQware

Fabulous flowers from around the world! Add vivid background coloring to your device with over 40 beautiful high quality photos. See your favorites from wonderful roses, vivid tulips, stunning poppies, tropical orchids and much more! Perfect mix of individual and bunches of flowers. Photos change automatically each week, day, hour, or have a single photo you can change with a swipe! Have fun personalizing your device home and lock screens with Awesome Flowers and check out our other very popular wallpapers: Beaches and Sunset Wallpapers, Waterfalls and Nature Wallpapers, Animal Antics Wallpapers and Animal Babies Wallpapers, too!

Special Feautures

  • Swipe up or down on home screen to change photo
  • Have photos change weekly, daily, hourly, or no change
  • Ability to include and exclude specific photos
  • Supports left and right home page “slide” effect
  • Designed and optimized for the device Tablet and device Color

Installing Live Wallpapers

  1. All Wallpapers are installed via the device’s Wallpaper Dialog, which appears when you touch a blank area of the home screen for a couple of seconds.
  2. From here, just select the Live Wallpaper tab and tap the A+ Awesome Flowers choice.

  3. This brings up the preview screen, where you press the Set Wallpaper button (at the bottom) to start your new wallpaper. It comes preset to change the photos daily.

After Set Wallpaper is pressed, sometimes a 15 second reset occurs as this is a normal part of the Android design for all Live Wallpapers.

To Personalize Wallpapers

Personalize how often photos change, which photo to start, and select which photos to include or exclude. Start with steps 1 and 2 above to get to the preview screen.

  1. Press the Configure Wallpaper button.

  2. In the configuration screen:

    config screen

    The drop-down menu near the top lets you choose how often the photos change or if you prefer no automatic change. Select your desired timing option.

    In the center, you can swipe left or right to view different photos. The photo in the middle is the current selection.

    If you want the current photo to be excluded in the timed change, un-check the box Include middle photo for automatic changes.

  3. When you are satisfied with your options, press the OK button.
  4. This returns you to the preview screen. Now, press the Set Wallpaper button.

After Set Wallpaper is pressed, sometimes a 15 second reset occurs as this is a normal part of the Android design for all Live Wallpapers.

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