Bluetooth Analyst


Bluetooth Analyst

Bluetooth Analyst is a simple but powerful tool for understanding and helping to fix Bluetooth issues.


Version 1.1
Bluetooth Analyst

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Bluetooth Analyst
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Whether in a public place or the privacy of your home, Bluetooth Analyst lets you discover nearby Bluetooth devices, get detailed information about each detected device, pair and unpair Bluetooth devices. A device list quickly shows you all detected Bluetooth devices in real time. Then tap on the name of the device for comprehensive detailed information.

Just like our popular WiFi Meter app, Bluetooth Analyst makes complex technology easy to understand with simple visuals, audio feedback, and extensive text explanations. A signal level meter lets you locate devices and find the best signal. Geiger counter style audible clicks beat faster as the signal improves - making it easier to find the best connection.

Use Bluetooth Analyst to help diagnose and solve your Bluetooth issues. Improve your security with Bluetooth Analyst. Find out which devices are unintentionally visible such as your TV or cellphone. Learn which devices are always visible like fitness health bands and beacons. This powerful discovery and diagnostic tool is fun and easy to use.

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Special Feautures

  • Handles all LE (low energy) devices, Beacons and older classic devices
  • Pair and unpair devices
  • Measures and displays Bluetooth signal strength with audio feedback
  • Shows profiles, characteristics and services for each device
  • View raw data useful for developers of Bluetooth products
  • Extensive explanation of data view 
  • Identifies most Beacon types and related values
  • Supports iBeacons, Eddystone's multiple frames, Swirl and many others
  • Save device list and data to clipboard, then copy to notes or email

Product Features

Easy-to-use, powerful tool for detecting, analyzing and fixing Bluetooth issues

Lists all nearby Bluetooth devices with ability to drill down for detailed info on each

Pair and unpair Bluetooth devices

Measures and displays Bluetooth signal strength with audio feedback

Expanded detail of services, characteristics, profiles and raw data

Advanced Vendor Identification with browser hotlink

Extensive Help and Troubleshooting advice

Comprehensive beacon identification and details

Can exclude classes of devices not interested in viewing

Use Bluetooth Analyst to improve your household security

No annoying advertisements


Bluetooth Analyst can be installed on an Android phone or tablet that has Bluetooth hardware. Bluetooth 4+ required for seeing low energy devices and beacons.

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