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Bongo Conga Drum Band

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Version 2.3
Bongo Conga Drum Band

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Bongo Conga Drum Band
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Drum for fun with Bongo Conga Drum Band! Relieve stress, improve motor skills, or annoy others when you tap on these Big and Bold colored drums. Comes with 6 Bonus percussion instruments for even more fun: wood block, cowbell, maracas, tambourine, guiro, and agogo. Change the color of the drums or background whenever you want. Watch the instruments shake or light up when you tap on them. Move instruments around to create new sounds and save your personal layout for the next time you play. And it comes with background beats too. So drum for fun with Bongo Conga Drum Band!

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Special Feautures

  • Big-sized bongos and congas for easy tapping
  • Left & Right handed bongo or conga layouts
  • Includes 6 Bonus percussion instruments
  • Cowbell, Tambourine, Woodblock
  • Maracas, Guiro and Agogo
  • HD Graphics & fun animations
  • Includes play-along background beats
  • Long press for auto-repeating bongos and congas
  • Personalize layouts and drum colors
  • Adjustable background tempo beats & volume
  • Play in landscape or portrait mode
  • Supports multi-touch finger tapping
  • Built-in Help for tips & quick assistance
  • Fun for all ages!

Fun Ways to Create Music

Move and overlap instruments to create new sounds. Tap in the overlap area to play multiple instruments at once. Or play each instrument separately by tapping in the non-overlapping area.

Want help playing a steady beat? Press and hold down on a bongo or conga to create a steady beat. To change the tempo, press and hold down on on the Beat button & adjust the tempo slider when it appears.

Select one of the background beats by tapping on the Settings button. Then tap on the first line in Settings and select a beat from the drop down menu.

Now, turn on the beat you selected by tapping on the Beat button.

Works great with the speaker or use headphones to fully enjoy the high quality instrument sounds.

Recommended for tablets like Kindle, device, Samsung or Nexus 7 and high-end smartphones that have minimum of 512MB of RAM

[On some older devices, the app may terminate or not start because of a low memory condition. Turning your device off and then on again may fix this problem.]   

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