About FAQware


FAQware® has been creating software and managing content rich Web sites since 1998. We work hard to deliver easy to find answers to Frequently Asked Questions in targeted areas, along with helpful details, explanations, reviews, links and much more. We hope you enjoy the FAQware family of sites.


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The FAQoid Team

Our staff of software developers and Android experts bring many years of real-world experience in volume corporate and academic situations as well as personal situations to deliver the information you need. Our writing group have written several popular technical books as well many user manuals, solution guides and technical support answers for a wide range of software products over the last 20 years.

The FAQoid development team is constantly creating new content and assistance for all your Android needs.

Android Device Specifications

Device specifications are collected by our FAQoid team from the manufacturer's web site and the device's user manual. When this information is not available or is incomplete, we use additional information from the carrier's website when a carrier offers the device for sale. Pre-release product information comes from the manufacturer or carriers press releases, and is updated when the product becomes available. If information is not clearly stated, we will leave the information field blank rather than guessing at the vendors intent.

Site Design

The FAQoid site was designed using Adobe Dreamweaver and is tested and optimized for IE7 through IE9, Firefox 4 through 8, and Safari. Neither Javascript or Cookies need to be enabled to use this site, but if either or both are enabled, it allows us to provide a number of visual improvements and features not possible otherwise.

Currently we are not testing the site for Opera, Chrome or IE6 and older, although it should work fine under most new versions of these browsers. We are aware that some pages may render incorrectly in some versions of Opera. We believe this is due to actions we've taken to deal with bugs under IE and is not a specific problem with Opera.