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  T-Mobile USA, Inc.
P.O. Box 37380
Albuquerque, NM 87176-7380

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  1-800-866-2453 (Sales)


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  T-Mobile, the fourth largest wireless provider, offers a GSM network for wireless phones and data. Generally, GSM phones will work in most countries around the world.

T-Mobile's primary networks include GSM/GPRS/EDGE at 1900 MHz, and AWS at 1700/2100 MHz for 3G data. It uses HSPA+ for faster operations and simultaneous voice and data.

  1-877-453-1304 (Customer care and Billing)


Android Devices
These are all the Android devices available through T-Mobile:


CLIQ2 from Motorola

Work smarter and play harder with the Cliq 2.

Release date: 19-Jan-2011   More...


DEFY™ from Motorola

Are you ready for everything life throws your way? DEFY provides entertainment options galore, and keeps you up to date with your friends.

Release date: 3-Nov-2010   More...


Doubleplay from LG

You’ll never miss a conversation with this dual touch display messaging smartphone that keeps you connected.

Release date: 2-Nov-2011   More...

G Flex

G Flex from LG

The World’s First Curved, Flexible Smart Phone

Release date: 31-Jan-2014   More...


G2x from LG

The G2x delivers the ultimate entertainment experience through gaming, the Web, and mobile TV—and with a dual-core processor, it brings you all the speed and power of America’s Largest 4G Network™.

Release date: 15-Apr-2011   More...

Galaxy Note 3

Galaxy Note 3 from Samsung

Now with a larger, more vibrant HD display and stylus.

Release date: 4-Oct-2013   More...

Galaxy Note II

Galaxy Note II from Samsung

Samsung Galaxy Note® II has everything you need to get things done.

Release date: 30-Oct-2012   More...

Galaxy S 4

Galaxy S 4 from Samsung

The Galaxy S 4 has it all, with every feature you'll want!

Release date: 1-May-2013   More...

Galaxy S Blaze 4G

Galaxy S Blaze 4G from Samsung

One of the fastest smartphones brings you amazing entertainment experiences!

Release date: 21-Mar-2012   More...

Nexus 4

Nexus 4 from Google

Nexus 4 offers cutting edge hardware, the latest version of Android.

Release date: 15-Jan-2013   More...

Nexus 6

Nexus 6 from Motorola

A bigger phone with more everything!

Release date: 1-Nov-2014   More...

Nexus One

Nexus One from Google

The Nexus One shows what's possible on mobile devices through Android when cool apps meet a fast, bright, and connected computer that fits in your pocket.

Release date: 5-Jan-2010   More...


One from HTC

The HTC One will reshape your smartphone experience!

Release date: 24-Apr-2013   More...

One S

One S from HTC

Thin smartphone with AMOLED display, dual core, and low-light camera.

Release date: 31-May-2012   More...

Optimus Black

Optimus Black from LG

A stylish smartphone with the best display in the market.

Release date: 2-Oct-2011   More...

Optimus T

Optimus T from LG

Make a difference with 3.2" touchscreen and  3.2 MP Camera & Camcorder

Release date: 3-Nov-2010   More...


XOOM™ from Motorola

The XOOM has it all with 10.1 inch display, fast dual core processor and Android 3.0! A fantastic tablet that delivers great entertainment and computer needs.

Release date: 24-Feb-2011   More...

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