Download Solutions


Solving Download Problems

Although very rare, occasionally something goes wrong with the download process from the App store, where the app keeps trying to download, or it refuses to install after downloaded. The download process is controlled by the app store vendor, but we can offer a few tips that should correct the problem.

All Devices

Always shows "Downloading"

The device may have dropped it's WiFi connection in the middle of downloading. Without WiFi, it will be stranded in this intermediate state. If this is the issue, reconnect the WiFi, and the download should automatically complete.

Depending on the app, it may take a little longer to complete the download that you're used to. We use high-definition images and non-compressed instrument sounds to maximize the quality, but this means the app is a bit larger than other apps you may purchased.


Barnes and Noble Nook

Seems to Be Downloaded, but Fails to Open

We suggest to archive the app and then re-download it. To do this:

  1. Press the Nook button and select Apps (with the red squares).
  2. Locate the app and long-press on its icon (about 2 seconds).
  3. This should bring up a menu with a number of options. Select "Archive". This removes the app from the Nook temporarily.
  4. Next on this same screen, touch "my stuff" near the top-right, and select "Archived".
  5. The App Overview appears. Press the "Manage" button, then "Unarchive".

This will download a fresh copy. With a bit of luck, this should correct the problem.

Need Additional Help?

If these suggestions do not fix it, B&N might be able to solve it as the download process is out of our control. You can reach B&N's customer service at the toll-free number: 1-800-843-2665.