App Tips and Tricks


Tips and Tricks for your FAQware App

Try these tips and tricks to get more out of your FAQware application. Enjoy!

Power Usage with Lights

If your Nook remains connected by AC power, there is no drain on the battery and you can use any light function continuously. The battery indicator will be light-blue when the battery is not draining.

To avoid the normal 2 minute shutdown on inactivity, you can go into the app's Settings and un-check the option Allow Auto-Sleep. Only use this when running under AC power, or if the device is not left unattended for an extended period to prevent the battery from being completely drained.

Under a full charge, our tests have shown that a new battery will run for more than 4 hours on continuous flashlight mode at maximum brightness. If you reduce the brightness, or select most functions that blink, such as text blinking, the app uses less power and will last longer on a full charge. The All-in-One Party Strobe app, strobe light function at maximum brightness, will use similar power as the bright flashlight. Dimmer settings will conserve battery power.