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Tips and Tricks for your FAQware App

Try these tips and tricks to get more out of your FAQware application. Enjoy!

Ways to use the Percent Memory

The percent memory can be used for applying sales or VAT tax, determining a standard tip, or even applying a discount. We'll show examples of each situation.

Sales Tax

Let's say your local tax rate is 9.25% (a typical rate in California). Set the tax rate by entering 9.25 and pressing %in to save it into the percent memory. Now each time you need to figure this tax, simple enter the one value and press +%.

Example: for $300 item, enter 300 and press +% to get a result of 327.75.

Tip Calculation

We customarily tip on restaurant bills 15%. We can save this value in the percent memory by entering 15 and pressing %in.

Example: For a $22.20 bill, we enter 22.50 and press +% for a result of 25.53.

If we needed to split the bill 3 ways, just divide the result by 3, for a final result of $8.51 per person.


We can make quick work of a sale or discount by entering a negative number into the percent memory. We have a garage sale and want to discount everything by 33% during the last hour of the sale. Type -33 and press %in to save this discount rate.

Example: An item is prices at $200, so enter 200 and press +% for a result of 134.