App Tips and Tricks


Tips and Tricks for your FAQware App

Try these tips and tricks to get more out of your FAQware application. Enjoy!

Changing Photos

Change photos with a swipe on an empty area of the home screen. Swipes occur within an area below the top status bar and above the bottom icons.

The green area in the sample image shows the swipe area that is seen by the wallpaper.

Swipes should be vertical and at least 1.5" long. Diagonal swipes or left-to right are ignored.

To switch to the next photo, swipe up. To switch to the prior photo, swipe down.
background sample
swipe hot area

Moving Items on the Home Screen

It's not always obvious how or where to move the various book, application and other items on your home screen. There are five places you can have and move items to:

  • The bottom Daily Shelf area of the home screens
  • The Top area of the center home screen
  • The Left home page (hidden when at the default center page)
  • The Right home page (hidden when at the default center page)
  • Your library (accessed from the apps button)

To move items around on the home page, simply press the item and while holding your finger on the item, move to the new location. You can use this technique to move into or out-of the Daily Shelf area.

To change the position within the Daily Shelf just press and hold the item and move it up and then down in between other existing items.

background sample
swipe hot area

To remove an item, press and hold the item until the menu appears. The last option "Remove from home" deletes the item from the home page. The item still resides in your library.

You many not have noticed, but there are three small dots near the top center of the screen. Two gray and one white. These indicate which of the three home pages are currently shown. If you swipe left, the right home page appears, and if you swipe right, the left page appears. The small dots show which of the three home pages is being shown.

To move an item between the three home pages, just hold and slide the item to the side until the home page changes to the one desired (look at the 3 dots). This is a nice way to move less used items away from the center home page so you can see a less obstructed view of the Wallpaper image. It only takes a swipe to get access to the items on the left or right home pages.